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It's important not to waste a single second of the weekend, so let us lay out for you a smorgasbord of cool stuff to do this weekend in Manchester. Friday March 31 Festival / Viva! Manchester Things To Do Spanish & Latin American Festival 2017 Imagine a world in which a tyrannical leader attempts to stifle artistic freedom and liberal ideologies. Nope, were not referring Just Simply Manchester Innovation to Donald Trumps Twitter trolling of Meryl Streep, but rather a dark chapter in Spains recent history - one in which, for a period spanning 36 years, the dictator Francisco Franco imposed strict censorship laws. Now, marking 40 years since the abolition of censorship in Spain, Homes Viva! Festival - Manchesters annual celebration of Spanish and Latin America culture - is preparing to celebrate that historic moment when it seemed the floodgates of self-expression opened and a whole new generation of Spanish artists and trend setters began to emerge. This sense of artistic liberation will run throughout this years jam-packed Viva! programme, complete with live music events, theatre and dance performances, artwork and 15 UK premieres of the best in new Spanish and Latin American filmmaking with films coming from ten different countries including Argentina, Cuba, Mexico and Ecuador. Film highlights include a screening of Pedro Almodovars 1980 classic Pepi, Luci, Bom, while theatre fans are catered for by Emma Franklands Republica, an original piece inspired by the last time democracy was seen in Spain before Francos dictatorship. Emphasising the cross-discipline approach that Home does so well, the venues gallery space will showcase a contemporary art exhibition reacting to Spanish counterculture movement La Movida Madrilena, curated by Sarah Perks. Elsewhere, a range of panels, Q&As and talks will also be held with a focus on issues within modern Latin cinema, including a panel discussion with visiting female filmmakers and a review of the ever-growing Basque film industry.

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